Cyst Removal

Cysts are sacs that usually form around hair follicles. Some only require observation. Others, that are becoming tender and inflamed, may require an in-office surgical procedure..

Torn Earlobe

Earlobes can tear because of trauma or heavy earrings. We surgically repair earlobes in a quick in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia. Re- piercing of the earlobes is usually done a month after the repair..

Mole Removal

Moles are small usually pigmented growths that can be found anywhere on the body. Any mole that becomes asymmetric, irregularly shaped, varied in color or grows in size should be evaluated by us. Most moles and skin cancers can be removed in the office with a local anesthetic.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tags are small, benign fleshy growths that can appear on the face, neck, underarms and groin. They are easliy removed in the office with a local anesthetic.

Spider Vessel and Varicose Vein Treatment

Spider vessels are small blood vessels found on face, chest and legs. Varicose veins are larger blood vessels commonly seen on the legs. Sclerotherapy is the procedure that we use treat most of these blood vessels. In this procedure, a sclerosing agent is injected with a very fine needle directly into the blood vessel causing the blood vessel's lining to be irritated and stick together and ultimately, disappear. The GentleYag Laser is also used for very small blood vessels on the face, body and legs


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